Subdecay Prometheus DLX Filter Pedal Demo

The Subdecay Prometheus DLX is an incredible versatile analog filter pedal (with digital control, but full analog audio path), that can do all kinds of filter-ish sounds from sample and hold filters to touch wah/envelope filter, from equalizer to vibe-like tones, from synth-ish resonance filter sweeps to classical wah wah pedal sounds. Subdecay advertises it as “The most versatile filter pedal on Earth” – well, that may have been true when it was released, at least concerning analog pedals. Today, I would give that award to the Sonuus Wahoo, which, in addition to offering almost all features of the Prometheus DLX, also has a built-in wearless pedal (great for wah), can do vocal-ish sounding dual filter effects, and most important: Offers presets and MIDI control (unfortunately only via USB, no 5-pin MIDI). The biggest disadvantage of the Prometheus DLX, and the main reason I sold it after some years, was that you couldn’t store the various very different great sounds that it can produce.

So, here’s the first part of my demo, recorded in 2012 on North-Sea island Baltrum:

In the second part of the demo, recorded back home, an expression pedal is added to the Prometheus DLX, allowing controlled filter sweeps and wah wah pedal sounds. Also, the Prometheus is combined with overdriven sounds. 

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