JDM Pedals Fuzzes

JDM Pedals is a small brand of pedals handmade by Mr. Joe Dochterman, an American in Berlin ... I discovered them somewhere on the internet in 2015, and Joe was so kind to send me three of his fuzz pedals to try out, buy the one I like and send back the rest. So I tested his Union Fuzz, the discontinued “Just Fuzz” and his Tonemaster

The Tonemaster stayed, and lives on my pedal board ever since. It’s a combination of a Dallas Rangemaster style treble booster and a Tonebender Mk. II style fuzz, both built with vintage Russian and European germanium transistors; in a convenient small horizontal box with two footswitches. It can be powered with standard 9V center negative power supplies, even daisy chained without problems, though it uses PNP transistors. It works great both with Vox, BF Fender and Tweed Fender style amps. Haven’t tried it with anything Marshally yet, but that should sound great, too.

Later, Joe sent me more of his fuzzes, and I made a demo of his Germanium Fuzz Face variant, the GeFuzz (discontinued). Also a great fuzz; still, the Tonemaster remains my favourite.

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