Gibson ES-135 and Vintage Sound Amps Princeton Clone Demo

This universe is a strange place; I still wonder why this partly cheesy demo vid I made in 2011 to sell my Gibson ES-135 became my most successful Youtube upload, with more than 66000 views by now. Maybe it was because amp manufacturer Vintage Sound Amps included it on their website, since the vid showcased their BF Princeton Reverb clone VS112P (they renamed it to “Vintage 15” later). Well, at least it features my favourite unknown-player guitar riff: The one from Fabolous, P. Diddy & Jagged Edge’s 2003 hit “Trade It All (Part 2)” ... anybody knows who played it (or where it was sampled from)?

I’ve been a Strat player for most of my life. In 1985, I got my first electric guitar, a Fender Musicmaster – basically a cheapo Strat version with shorter scale, no vibrato system, only one (neck) pickup and a none-contoured body. I tried to “stratify” it by adding a Kahler vibrato and a bridge PU, but the Kahler wasn’t that great ... so I upgraded to a Fender US standard Strat in 1990. In 1997, I wanted to try something different – semi-hollow body, humbuckers – and got myself a Gibson ES-135 limited edition. A beautiful guitar which I played a lot ... but it the long run, it turned out to be too dark sounding for my taste. In the meantime, I had sold my Strat to fund a Thinline Tele; and found myself missing the Strat. So when, inspite of Youtube views, the ES-135 sales vid wasn’t that successful, I traded the Gibson in for a 1962 Strat replica by Rittenhouse Guitars. Which became my main guitar, until I recently got the chance to buy a real 1973 Stratocaster for a decent price. 

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